The Packages

In order to maximise the number of children that we are able to help and provide the best method of accountability, we have introduced a ‘package’ system.

These begin with meeting the basic food requirements for a child through to providing bedding, clothing, safe water, education or shelter.

You can help us dramatically improve life expectancy and quality of life for these children.

These children desperately need our help. Join the family of Agape Orphanage Network supporters who together are helping to meet the needs of orphaned and destitute children.

Often left to fend for themselves as a result of losing parents to disease or other tragic circumstances, these children battle to make it through each day. By being a supporter you can make a difference and give them new hope.

Basic Food Package

Feeding a child for one year:

  • Beans 54Kg; Maize 162Kg
  • Rice 60Kg; Brown Sugar 20Kg
  • Salt 6Kg; Millet Flour 36Kg
  • Cooking Oil 24 Litres

Total: $360AUD *

Alternately, a child can be registered for sponsorship for $30AUD * per month.

Basic Food Package

Basic Bedding Package

A bedding package for 1 child includes:

  • 1 x Mattress $30AUD *
  • Pair of Sheets $14AUD *
  • 2 x Blankets $18AUD *
  • 1 x Treated Mosquito Net $10AUD *
  • 1 x Bed Cover $14AUD *

Total: $86AUD *

Safe Water Supply

A safe water supply can consist of either a 10,000LT Poly Tank, a borehole, a well, or where practical a town water connection if possible.

A Poly tank or a borehole/well come in at $1,300AUD * each.

A lower capacity 5,000LT tank is around $900AUD * delivered and may be suitable for smaller works.

Hygiene Kits

  • Bath towel $9AUD *
  • Comb or Brush $2AUD *
  • Soap (I YR.) $20AUD *
  • Washing powder (1 YR.) $23AUD *
  • Sanitary towels for girls (1YR) $23AUD *
  • other $20AUD *

The total cost of this pack is: $97AUD *

Basuc Hygiene Kit

Optional Cash Donation

You can optionally do a simple cash donation for any given amount all of which will go into projects that are running.

* [Note:] The exact composition of the packages varies depending on current prices for materials and availability of products at the time of purchase. All monies given for a specific package are dedicated to that purpose.

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