Some Common Questions…

Is any money taken to pay staff?

No, AON is a 100% voluntary charity organization with no Australian personnel receiving any kind of remuneration for their work. The AON workers in Africa have individual Australian sponsors who specifically support them directly for the purpose of wages/living.

Is all of my money spent on what I have purchased in the Catalogue?

Yes, your money is not used for anything else.

Is my money given directly to the people who operate the orphanages or street feeding programs?

No. When you purchase something from the Catalogue there is a voucher issued. The
voucher covers exactly the goods that you have chosen and is issued to a designated Orphanage representative for the products. The matching voucher goes to an approved supplier who releases the goods.

How do I know that the goods that I purchase are going where they’re meant to?

We have a team of inspectors who regularly visit and assess the needs of the Orphanages that are networked with us. These inspectors collate information about the distribution of goods to the children and report on the progress of each child. Additionally, Australian volunteers visit and report on how the children are doing.

When I buy a Catalogue package do I get a Sponsor child?

Yes, whether you pay in a lump sum for a one-year supply or offer monthly support you will have a child allocated and receive regular reports. (The exception being if you purchase items for the benefit of all children, such as water tanks.)

What kind of payment options do I have?

The two options for many packages are payment as a one off in a lump sum or paid in twelve monthly instalments. (See the payment options for each package.)

Does Agape Orphanage Network Australia have any kind of accountability?

Yes. Agape Orphanage Network Australia is a registered charity and has mandatory
government reporting requirements to maintain.

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