Australian Community training and support

A.O.N. offers FREE training seminars and support to both Australian and Overseas communities in the areas of:

  • Assisting people in the area of relational adjustment
  • Working with people with addictive problems
  • Supporting those with mental complications
  • Engaging people with physical disabilities
  • Walking through emotional difficulties with those in need
  • Helping those negotiating sexual issues
  • Aiding persons navigating spiritual challenges

All funds generated from donations received from training seminars conducted in Australia, or in appreciation of other forms of support, are dedicated to the same programs being run in International environments where there are needs.

Some people who have received training in the Australian community seminars become a part of the overseas support teams.

*SMO Accredited
*National Police Checks available
*DCSI Clearance

Overseas Community training and support programs

Most training and support conducted in overseas areas is directed towards equipping community leaders to meet the needs of their specific locality. Many times, the training is conducted in major centres with key people sponsored to attend from regional towns. The training and support modalities are then taken back and networked throughout smaller localities by those who have completed the seminars.

Working with Communities leaders. Training in how to support those under their care:


Pastor Steve Pidd and his wife Em are international leaders who personify a transformative way of ministry known as ‘Truth Encounters’. The purpose and process of a ‘Truth Encounter’ is in the name. I had no reservation in writing this commendation having experienced this ministry and its release first hand. In addition, I have observed the transformative impact within my wife and friends where broken hearts have been restored.

Professor David Giles, Professor of Educational Leadership : Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia

It is my sincere belief that Steve Pidd and his wife Em would probably be the most experienced, knowledgeable, and authoritative people in this area of ministry in this country. I say that without hesitation.

Pastor Lyn Scholar

The restoration ministry that has occurred in peoples’ lives in our community has seen marriages saved and lives changed dramatically for the better. Many of these people now see restoration as a normal part of their faith and have helped others with their healing.

Grant Laidlaw; Director

Steve Pidd visited our church for 10 days ministry in 2012. The teaching and ministry he brought on personal healing was both thoroughly biblical and effective in its content. It led to transformation in many lives as well as helping greatly in the establishment of a ministry centre that continues today.

Peter Vincent, Community Church Bishops Stortford. UK

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